Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blamed by Edie Harris

This is not a paid post. I received a free copy of this eBook to facilitate this review.
All views expressed are my honest opinion. 

Goodreads: Born into a long line of spies, sanctioned killers and covert weapons developers, Beth
Faraday carried out her first hit-for-hire when she was still a teenager. 

That part of her life - the American spy royalty part - ended one year ago, with a job gone wrong in Afghanistan. The collateral damage she caused with a single shot was unfathomable and, for Beth, unforgivable. She's worked hard to build a new life for herself, far away from the family business. 

But someone, somewhere, hasn't forgotten what Beth did in Kabul. And they want revenge.

As the Faraday clan bands together to defend Beth and protect their legacy, Beth is forced to flee her new home with the unlikeliest of allies - M16 agent Raleigh Vick, the only man she's ever loved. And the one she thought she killed in the desert.

Review: Beth Faraday is so much more than she seems. While she spends her days working in an art gallery, her life is not that simple, although she would like it to be. Not long ago she spent her days hiding in the shadows, waiting for a clear shot. Beth was a trained killer.

Beth didn't choose her life, she was born into it. And when an op went terribly wrong, she could not bear the weight of the guilt, so she walked away. She walked away from her family, from her life, and started anew... or so she thought. When the past catches up to her, the best and the worst things she's ever known comes to call... and nothing will ever be the same. 

Blamed is a fiery read. I mean there is just enough romance (the palpable tension kind) and just enough action (the edge-of-your-seat-what's-gonna-happen-next kind). You can't stop reading from the very first page. I mean this book begins with tension and keeps a steady feed throughout. Edie Harris knowns how to write!

I loved that the action was described with enough detail for me to vividly imagine what was happening, in fact I found my heart racing several times! And the connection between Beth and Vick is incredible. I love when I can feel how attracted the characters are. When you know there is nothing but space and opportunity separating them from tearing their clothes off and taking care of one another... even when their lives are in danger! 

If you're looking for a page-turning dangerous, romantic adventure... Blamed is it!

I give this book:

Blamed is the first book in The Blood Money series, and is available in eBook format. Download your copy today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, or Carina Press.

Be sure to check out Edie's website. You can also follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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