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Flying by Megan Hart

From Barnes & Noble:

Ever hear of wanderlust?

Every other weekend, Stella buys a ticket on the next flight out of town and leaves her life behind. Home is a place with too many memories, and departure is the sweetest possible distraction.
As soon as she arrives at her destination, Stella visits the airport bar. She orders a drink and waits for the right guy to come along. A bored businessman, a backpacker, a baggage handler just off shift. If he's into a hot, no-strings hookup, he's perfect. Each time is a thrilling escape from reality that gives the term layover a whole new meaning.
When Stella meets the enigmatic Matthew in Chicago one weekend, she hits some serious turbulence. Something about him tells her she's not the only one running from the past. The connection between them is explosive, and for the first time, one taste is not enough for Stella. But returning to find a gorgeous man waiting for her is the easy part—facing the reason she's there is a whole other matter….


Stella is a flyer. She travels to cities around the country every other weekend. There is no set destination, she goes wherever her standby status will take her. She only goes for one thing, to be someone else. She travels to escape the past and the present. She allows the excursion to lead her to the airport bar, where she always encounters Mr. Right-now. Sex with no emotion, no attachment, simply carnal pleasure... that's how she likes it.

Stella meets her match in Chicago, where she happens upon Matthew. He's handsome and hot as fire. He's different than the others, she knows it. Suddenly Stella is doing something she's never done before, going back for seconds.

Although there is plenty of sex (not too much), Flying is not just an erotic novel. It's really the story of how the scars of heartbreak can mar us for life and the pain of what once was can keep us stuck. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm a big Megan Hart fan anyway, but I think she dug a little bit deeper with Flying. The story is very carefully weaved. You're pretty far in before getting the slightest clue about what's underneath Stella's behavior. This is an erotic novel with some depth... Megan dug deep! And I mean that in a good way. 

I really love erotic fiction, but I am not interested in reading a book riddled with sex and a corny storyline. Dare I say that I like to read erotic fiction with substance and a side of well written sex? LOL Flying is like that :-)

I give this book:

Flying is available in paperback (where sold) + eBook on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and other fine retailers.

This is not a paid postI received a free eBook copy of this book from NetGalley which helped to facilitate this review. However, all views expressed are my honest opinion. 


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Love all of her books! This one took a while for me to get into but ended up being amazing!

Cath Brookes said...

No need for additional comments from me. I simply love her books. I even like the books her characters read... Thank you.

Cath Brookes
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