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This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man 
by Jodi Ellen Malpas

From Goodreads:

Young interior designer Ava O'Shea has an appointment for a first consultation at The Manor with the owner, Mr. Jesse Ward. She is expecting nothing more than an overweight, cravat wearing, well-to-do countryman, and on arrival, nothing would suggest otherwise. How wrong could she be? This Man is devastatingly handsome, charming and confident. He is also a conceited, hedonistic playboy, who knows no boundaries. Ava desperately does not want to be attracted to him, but she can't control the overwhelming affect he has on her. Every instinct is telling her to run, so she does, but Jesse Ward is not so willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her. She knows she is heading for heartbreak, but how can she run when he won't let her?


Ava O'Shea is a pretty regular girl. She loves her job as an interior designer, and she's damn good at it too. She's just coming out of a long term relationship, so she's bunking up with her best girlfriend, but otherwise her life is pretty status quo. Until she goes out to meet with the owner of The Manor for a prospective job.

Jesse Ward is used to getting what he wants. Once he sets his sight on something, it's a done deal. Ava O'Shea is no exception. He has decided that he wants her and that's all there is to it. He doesn't do well with boundaries or the word no. In Jesse's world, everything goes his way.

When Ava and Jesse come together the sparks fly almost immediately. Their attraction is palpable. But it's not just chemical, it's pretty clear that there are a lot of emotions for both. It's also pretty clear that their connection is anything but healthy. He's super controlling, I mean he's downright ridiculous. Everywhere she goes, he's there, invited or not. He's like the superhero you never want to see coming! Jesse takes possessiveness to a whole different level - seriously.

While I enjoyed most of the book, the nature of the relationship was difficult to bear. At the same time I couldn't put it down. I would get tired, stop reading for the night and then pick it up with the same fervor the next night... it was kinda sick!

I give this book:

Of course this is a trilogy... unhealthy relationship books tend to come in three's, why is that? I'll be posting the review for book two shortly... stay tuned!

You can purchase This Man on Amazon and wherever books are sold... even the red store (that's Target if you didn't know).

I received a free eBook copy of this book from NetGalley which helped to facilitate this review. 
However, all views expressed are my honest opinion. 


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So often in this modern day of trilogys the third book turns out to be so disappointing, this is NOT the case with This man Confessed. A great end to a great story. Lots of twists and turns and things you never visioned happening. A really great read and a highly recommended trilogy of books.

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LOVED LOVED LOVED this series. This is always the first series I recommend to any friends or family for a good read. I'm a huge fan of Jodi Ellen Malpas and all her books. I love her writing style and some of the twists and turns her stories take that can be surprising and add to the excitement of the story. She knows how to write a desirable male lead that keeps you interested and wanting more. Can't say enough good things about this book or this series. Highly recommended.

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