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Interview with author Sherri Hayes + Need book review

Author Sheri Hayes joins us today to talk about her upcoming release, Need: Finding Anna Book 2. 
Welcome Sherri!

In your writing, do the characters appear before the story or vice versa?
It depends. Sometimes, like in my Finding Anna Series, I get the story idea first, and then the characters and plot develop from there. Other times, like with my next book, Red Zone, everything started with the hero, Gage, and went from there.
Need is book two of the Finding Anna Series, how did the story come about?
I’d been reading some D/s stories online about the time the Jaycee Dugard story hit the news. Following that, there were several stories on human trafficking in general, and I began to wonder what would happen if I mixed the two.
Did you find it difficult to create a character that had been enslaved mentally and physically?
Brianna is more difficult to write from an emotional standpoint because she is so draining. When I was writing her, especially at the beginning in Slave, I had to put myself in the mentality of being completely helpless and alone.
Do you think that Dominants often take pleasure to this extreme?
I’m assuming you’re talking about Ian, and no, I don’t think Dominants, in general, take pleasure to the extreme he did. Does it happen? Sure. There are also plenty of males and females out there who have nothing to do with BDSM who abuse their spouses and significant others.
Of all the relationships in Need, I found the relationship between Logan and Lily the most fascinating. At times, I thought this lifestyle was uncharacteristic of Lily, were you ever conflicted about her as well?
No. Not at all. There are some very strong, independent submissives out there. I’ve met a few of them. These are people you’d never think of as wanting to submit to a Dominant. Being submissive has nothing to do with being dependent on someone else. It is all about relinquishing control willingly to another.
What message do you hope people will take away from the Finding Anna Series?
I hope this series opens people’s eyes to the reality of human trafficking. It’s not only a problem in third world countries. It happens all over the world in almost every country, including the US. I also hope people understand that what works for one person may not work for another. We all have to find our path in life, and there isn’t only one way to get to the end.
What’s next for Sherri Hayes?              
Right now, I’m working on edits for my next book, Red Zone. It is the second novel in my Daniels Brother’s series. The first book in the series, Behind Closed Doors, released February 2012. I’ve also just started writing book three of Stephan and Brianna’s story
I can't thank you enough for stopping by today Sherri.  I can't wait to see what happens next for Stephan and Brianna!


need blog tour Need 
By Sherri Hayes

The Writers Coffee Shop

As Brianna comes to terms with the realization that she is no longer a slave, she must figure out what she wants for her life. Forgetting her past isn’t an option. It is an integral part of who she is now, and it will forever shape her view of life. The one thing she knows is that she cannot imagine her life without the man who saved her, but can she be what he needs? 
Stephan never imagined falling in love with the woman he rescued, but the thought of her no longer being part of his life is physically painful. The scars from her past continue to haunt her, and he is helpless to stop them. All he can do is try to help her work through the traumas of her past. Can he be everything she needs and help her move on?
The two must figure out how to navigate not only their relationship with each other, but also the outside world. A friend from Brianna’s past shows up where she least expects them, and Uncle Richard continues to enforce his well-meaning agenda to get Brianna more traditional help. As forces, both friend and foe, threaten to tear them apart, Stephan and Brianna have to navigate the turbulent waters and find what they need in each other.


Brianna has come a very long way since Stephan first acquired her, but she still hasn't figured out what she is supposed to do or who she's supposed to be now that she is no longer a slave. She has grown more than attached to Stephan, but she's not the only one, Stephan has grown very attached to her as well. 

Stephan has ventured into uncharted territory, falling in love was never part of the plan, but neither was buying the freedom of a girl he didn't even know.  Just as Brianna must come to terms with her new identity, he's learning how to express love in a way that he never has before. While the two of them figure out how to experience life together, Brianna's past is slowly merging into the present.

Need picks up where Slave left off (click here to read my review of Slave).  Brianna is slowing growing into herself as Stephan explores true love for the very first time. My heart melted because he was so gentle with her timid and often fragile state. His methods were unconventional, but I believe that there was no other way to reacquaint someone like Brianna into the world. He not only provided her with shelter, but he also gave her a safe space to be vulnerable. 

It is easy to believe that human trafficking is something that only happens some place else, but Sherri Hayes exposes this cruel world right here in the United States. It's painful to know that we've entered a new millennium and there are still people who do not have the inalienable right to be free. 

Need is subtly erotic, but stylishly written, a one-of-a-kind page turner. I give this book:

Need will be released on July 26, 2012, but you can pre-order your copy today!

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I received a free eBook copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review.  All views expressed are my own.

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