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Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey

by Eric Jerome Dickey

Born in Trinidad and living in Atlanta after a relationship gone bad, Nia Simone Bijou is an ambitious writer who has it all. Except for the one thing that'll give her the control she craves-and the power she deserves: absolute, uninhibited sexual satisfaction. Now, in the sweltering days and nights of summer, the heat is on. Nia's fantasies will become a reality-with man after man after man. She will shatter the limits of erotic love. She will open herself up to experiences she never dared before. And as her fantasies begin to spin out of control, she'll discover the unexpected price of the extreme.


Nia Simone Bijou is a complicated, but simple woman. There is nothing that she enjoys more than pleasure, sexual pleasure. She has had many lovers in the past, but few have been able to truly please her. Everything changes when she happens upon a handsome black man while running. He is physically fit and obviously attracted to her too.  When they finally catch up to one another, Nia is surprised to find out what a "package" he truly is. 
In Pleasure, Eric Jerome Dickey paints outside the lines. While he has written many books around the nature of male and female chemistry, he went full tilt on this one. Pleasure tells a tale of erotic exploits, the fine line between pleasure and pain, and the challenges of keeping emotions at bay. 
Each character had emotional baggage, including Nia Simone Bijou who spent a great deal of her time trying to convince herself that her behavior was her prerogative. There was a lot of repetition in this book, which got old for me. The sex scenes were often longer than I thought they needed to be, since this was an audio book, I often found myself wanting to fast-forward a few times. 

Please don't get the wrong idea, the book isn't terrible. I just felt like there were things that could have been left out and many things that could have contributed to the quality of the book, had they been added. 

I give this book:

Pleasure is available in hardback, paperback, and audiobook, wherever books are sold. 

This audiobook was borrowed from the Los Angeles County Library.. The views and opinions expressed are my own.


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