Friday, March 9, 2012

Angel Evolution by David Estes

by David Estes

When Taylor meets Gabriel at college, she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him. No one else, not even her best friend, seems to notice.
Something about him scares her.

Is all as it appears? While Taylor struggles for answers, she finds herself in the middle of a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation: evolution.


Taylor had always been pretty normal. Although her best friend had always been the beautiful, popular, cheerleader type; Taylor is different, she has always been unassuming, keeping to herself, and blending into the background.  But everything changed when she started college. All of a sudden, she's got a gorgeous boyfriend named Gabriel, who just happens to be an angel. 
Taylor has had nightmares about a venomous snake for as long as she can remember,  now all of a sudden everything is starting to make sense. Taylor is suddenly thrust into the world of angels and demons and a war that has raged on since before she was a twinkle in her parents eyes. Taylor soon discovers that she is more special than she could ever imagine, within her is the power to end the war - for good. 
I thought Angel Evolution was a great read. I have always been fascinated by the theories of angels and demons, so the storyline kept me completely interested. David Estes managed to successfully write a book about angels and demons without making it about religion. The writing was simple and fluid, the story was uncomplicated and interesting, a completely enjoyable read. 

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Kecia said...

Great review. The book does sound interesting.

Daveys Mommy said...

This is an awesome review! Thanks for posting it.

Busy Mom on the Go said...

Sounds very interesting - I tweeted this out to my followers for you!!!

Clifford Jeffery said...

Sounds like a book that some people will love!

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