Monday, August 22, 2011

Earn the way you look

Genetics determined the structure of your body.  DNA is completely responsible for the slope of your nose, the set of your eyes, and the shape of your lips. Your ancestors have a lot to do with the curve of your back, the length of your fingers, and the span of your arms.  But that scowl on your face - that's all you.

Every single day is an opportunity to evolve into the beauty you have always dreamed of being. Without the aid of plastic surgery or makeup.  The only thing you need to do is be your best self each and every day. 

It matters not whether you were considered beautiful in the eyes of the world at birth.  Time gives you a chance to earn your beauty...or not.  You can spend your time frowning, griping, and complaining; but please know that it will be written all over your face for years to come. 

The signs of age do not have to look weathered, worn, and beaten.  Age can be breathtakingly beautiful.  It can inspire awe and envy. Real beauty is not a blessing or a curse, but it comes from caring for yourself and others. It is achieved by goodness and positivity.

If you truly earn the way that you look - you may want to pay closer attention to the way you treat yourself and others. Laugh lines are far more attractive than a permanently furrowed brow. 


Holly Robinson said...

I read this just as I was in despair over my image in the mirror--thanks, Stacey!

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