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Twilight Prophecy - Maggie Shayne

Twilight Prophecy (Children of Twilight)Twilight Prophecy - Maggie Shayne
What is your life's purpose? Most of us will spend an entire lifetime searching for something to give life some meaning.  You may find this purpose when you least expect it and sometimes that purpose is much bigger than you could ever imagine.

According to ancient prophecy, there's only one chance to avert the complete annihilation of the Undead. Twins James William and Brigit Poe, part human, part vampire, believe that they are that chance. In truth, the key lies with the reclusive—and mortal—scholar Lucy Lanfair.

As Armageddon approaches, antivampire sentiment fuels a war neither side can win, driving James to abandon his moral code and draw Lucy into a deadly battle she wants no part of.

But Lucy soon realizes that she holds this powerful immortal's soul in her hands and that it's her destiny not only to stop a war but to save him from his inner darkness. If she fails, his race will die—and so will her heart. Is the power of love strong enough to save the world?

Review (may contain spoilers):

James and Bridgette Poe are twins, but they're not ordinary twins, they are three-quarters Vampire and one-quarter human.  James has the power to heal and even resurrect the dead, while Bridgette has a more destructive power, she can obliterate an object (including people) with rays from her eyes!  Talking about "Wonder Twin Powers!"  When they discover that an ancient prophecy is coming to fruition they will do everything they can to prevent the destruction of their race, this is especially challenging for James.  James has struggled with his vampiric nature for as long as he can remember and now he is forced to embrace the darkest parts of himself to save his people.

When Professor Lucy Lanfair discovered a long lost Sumerian tablet, she had no idea that it would put her in the middle of a war between humans and vampires (which she didn't believe existed).  When a seemingly delusional old man hands off a book that he's written only moments before being assassinated on live television,  Lucy's instinct to run is kicked into high gear.  She's been running at the first sign of danger her entire life, but this time she's nearly killed by a secret federal agency. Her life is saved by James Poe a mysterious but familiar stranger.  This sets a series of events into motion that will change Lucy's life forever.

Trying to review this book without giving too much away is hard, because I enjoyed it that much. Maggie Shayne has a gift for weaving the elements of a story together, just right.  Each character is multi-layered, possessing the qualities of good and the potential for evil.  They are striving to figure out their own purpose, while in the midst of unthinkable challenges. 

Twilight Prophecy is a mixture of intrigue, romance, paranormal, and conspiracy theories. Very well written, this book had me holding my breath! I must admit that I wish the ending had given me a bit more, but the next installment, Twilight Fulfilled, is slated for release later this year.  Twilight Prophecy is book 17 in the Wing in the Night series.

I give this book:

Twilight Prophecy is published by Harlequin/Mira and is available where books are sold. Visit Maggie Shayne's website to see a full list of her work.

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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Sounds like an interesting one. I'm a little burnt out on paranormal right now but maybe once I get my mojo back, I might try this one.

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