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Evil Genius by Patricia Rice

Evil GeniusEvil Genius by Patricia Rice

Most siblings have a love/hate relationships with one another, it's par for the course. But what do you do when your world is turned completely upside down, simply because your kid sister showed up?


Call her a petite princess or a paranoid neurotic, either way, Ana Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon. She can disappear into the woodwork, share tea with a queen, or flatten a thug with one swift kick, but what she really wants is to provide her dysfunctional younger siblings with the security of the home she’s been denied. When her sister's VIP father is accused of murdering his aide, she decides it's time to go home.

Instead of finding security, she discovers her grandfather has died without the family being notified, his mansion has been usurped by a stranger who never leaves the third floor, and her grandfather’s executor has absconded to the Caribbean with the proceeds of their inheritance. If murder hasn’t already been committed, she might perpetrate one herself—starting with the annoying spider in the attic.

To avoid murder, she makes a pact with the devil who apparently now owns the home she is determined to win back. While she searches for the absconding lawyer and the real murderer of the senator’s aide, she will help their landlord locate a mysterious Cambodian—until oddly, the threads of all three mysteries begin to twine together, and someone is intent on cutting the cord before Ana comes too close to finding the answers.

 Ana Devlin has had to take care of her siblings her entire life.  Playing surrogate mother to the lot, while her own mother paraded around the entire world in search of who knows what.  One day she walked away from it all. Ana decided that she'd had enough of being a "doormat" and it was time for her to fly solo.  It lasted for a while.  She went off the grid and became a virtual assistant, which afforded her the ability to support herself, with complete anonymity.

When Ana's 9-year old sister, EG, shows up unannounced, everything about her under-the-radar life is changed in an instant.  As if one of Magda's (her mother) rugrats weren't enough, here comes her brother Nick too!  It seems that EG's father, who happens to be a married US Senator, has been framed for murder. EG has always imagined that her father would accept and love her, at least that's what she's been hoping for.  Now she wants nothing more than to help him get out of this nightmare and find out the truth. 

Once they make it to Washington D.C. things just get more complicated from there. It appears that their wealthy grandfather had died two months earlier and the family was never notified.  To make matters worse his house has been purchased by a mysterious stranger who refuses to show his face.  They manage to work out an arrangement with the peculiar Amadeus Graham (the mystery recluse). Before long Ana, EG, and Nick find themselves in the middle of a political cat and mouse game.  Every time they come close to finding some answers another piece of the puzzle is revealed.  Will Ana find out who's framing EG's father before someone else winds up dead?  Well you'll have to read the book for yourself!

I truly enjoyed this book.  These kids have led a very intriguing life.  They have lived in castles and rubbed elbows with royalty, from Switzerland to Greece - they've been there and done that.  Not only have they had excellent exposure but they're intelligent too!  EG is only nine but she can't think better than most adults, Nick has a British accent that charms the socks off of everyone he meets, and Ana is intelligent and crafty. 
I get the feeling that there will be a sequel, maybe Patricia will make an entire series out of this family, I would love that!  The ending left a definite opening. If you like wit, mystery, and the "suggestion" of romance...I think you'll find that Evil Genius to be a great read!

I give Evil Genius:

About the author: 
Patricia Rice is a former CPA who is now a successful writer.  She has penned 48 books and has made a name for herself as a romantic author.  For more information about Patricia visit her website.  Evil Genius is an e-book available through the Book View Cafe

I received this book free from the publisher through the Library Thing Early Reviewers program.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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