Saturday, April 9, 2011

Writer's Club - I love my best friend because...

The Writer's Club is a weekly exercise hosted by Mom's Tree house.  This week I chose prompt #3 I love my best friend because...

My very best friends are my two sisters, Tredia and Jamee. As a child I didn’t like them at all, after all I’m in the middle (I had a chronic case of middle child syndrome). The two of them have always gotten along, despite their 9 year age difference, but I was a loner child.  The only thing I liked better than being alone was doing something with my mother (without my sisters).  Throughout my childhood and well into my adult years, I felt as though my mother made a difference between the three of us.
Of course with age comes wisdom. Now that I’m an adult I realize that my mother did make a difference, but not because she loved me any less, but simply because my needs were different than my sisters. Now the bond between my sisters and I is undeniable.  
We do almost everything together. If you see one, you can bet the others are never too far away. We all talk each and every single day, at work we email back and forth.  My sisters are like second skin to me, I can’t imagine my life without them. They know me better than anyone else on the planet.  We rarely have arguments ( maybe once every few years).  Even if we disagree, we don’t hold grudges (not like we used to anyway), and we get past it.  
Everybody needs people in their lives who will tell them the truth, no matter what.  My sisters are my people. If I’m behaving badly or doing something stupid, they will let me know. Through the highs and lows, the ups, and downs, their always there. They have nursed me through sickness and supported me through difficulties.  They have celebrated my victories and encouraged me when I needed it most. They are my safety net when I fall, always ready with a hand to help me back up. 
They are the peanut butter to my jam...I love those girls!


Debra Ann Elliott said...

How beautiful and heartfelt. Thanks for stoppi by Writing with Debra and your kind comments.

Shareena said...

such a heartfelt story.

My sister is my best friend too. We getting so closed and we do everything and shared nasty little secret together. ^_^

samsstuff said...

I always wished that I had a sister. Having a brother is just not the same :)
Stopping by from The Writer's Club to say hi & check out your lovely post!

Stacey Donaldson said...

@Debra - thank you for your wonderfully kind words

@Shareena - Sisters are the best!

@Sam - There must be something awfully special about having a brother too! I don't have one, but I always imagined how cool it would be :-)

Johanna said...

Sorry I did not post my comment earlier, did not know you posted. Heartfelt post, thank you for participating.

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