Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday #3: Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.  This weeks top ten is all about the looks...whoever said "don't judge a book by its cover" was obviously not a serious reader.  I  mean don't get me wrong the creme between the cookie counts, but you have to get through the outside first, right? The following is a list of covers I wish I could make over (doesn't mean I don't appreciate the contents, but I need a better visual):
That Perfect Someone (Malory)

That Perfect Someone
Give me a break wth the dreamy look already, I hate that! It's not enough that he looks like a pirate who lost his hat on the high seas, but there has to be fog too???  Overkill!

Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir
Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir
Now I do enjoy Cornell when he stops by Real Time with Bill Maher, but I can't help but think there has to be something that can be done with his hair.  Perhaps a stylish cut or a simple trim??

Poor Little Bitch Girl

Love the title, hate the cover.  I'm am terrified that something is going to fly in her mouth or is she already eating a bug??? Disgusting!!!

Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance

Love, Lust, and Faking It

Now I can appreciate the message the Jenny was trying to send, but seriously?  His hair is a little ridiculous. I had a Ken doll whose hair looked like this, after I tried to give him a relaxer...it was pretty bad.

Where the River Ends

You know what I don't like about this cover?  It looks like a Nicholas Spark novel, and this guy is not him. Now maybe my guy Nick doesn't have copyrights on this cover style, but as far as I'm concerned, it belongs to him.  End of story.

Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions
Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions
The eye just looks creepy....

It just seems wrong to use a picture of Smarties, one of the world's most endearing candy treats on the cover of a book titled Demonology.  Am I just being sentimental?

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: And Other Small Acts of Liberation

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: And Other Small Acts of Liberation
Elizabeth Berg is one of my all-time favorite authors, but I hate this cover, I loathe it.  I don't really know why, I just do.
Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia Series #4)
So let's just make sure the cool lion is on every cover, okay? I mean he's regal and elegant, just makes you wanna pick up the book and read.  Not so much with the sword here.  I'm just saying...

(BEASTLY)) by Flinn, Alex(Author)Hardcover[Beastly] on 01 Oct-2007Beastly
Just seems like it should have always had an image of the character on the cover, from day one.  I get the rose thing and all...(duh! I did see Beauty and the Beast you know.), but the kid looks better on the cover.


Deborah Lawrenson said...

You've chosen some belters here, Stacey! The first two are very funny indeed...although I have to say I like the image in the Elizabeth Berg book (which I must acquire, thanks for the recommendation - just my cup of tea!) though not the colour scheme.

Actually, I feel for the authors in this exercise, because most won't have had much choice in the matter. I wept buckets over the cover - and title - of my first novel, years back. It just wasn't how I'd seen the book at all. C'est la vie...

Stacey Donaldson said...

@Deborah, thanks for stopping by :-) Maybe it is the colors that I don't like on the Elizabeth Berg book, that just might be it!

This was a little cruel, I know that a lot of authors agonize over cover art and some, like you, are not happy with the end result.

Stephanie said...

LOL! Love the cream between the cookies analogy!! So true!! Covers are so important!!! And I agree with your changes!! But yes, sometimes the cover is out of the author's hands. I've been lucky so far...my publisher has awesome graphic designers!

Stacey Donaldson said...

@Stephanie, you do have great covers, I've seen them (on several blogs I might add)!

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