Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you're like most people, you can think of a million things that you've done wrong. Deferred dreams, silent voices, and shattered hopes - remain when things go awry. Leaving remnants of emotional shrapnel, where your confidence used to be.

For everything that has gone wrong, there are plenty of things that didn't.  All the accolades, crowing achievements, and victorious moments are the result of things that you've done right. 

It's easier to recognize anguish and despair, the brain is hardwired that way.  But what if you made a conscious decision to instead focus on happiness, joy, and fulfillment? What if you invested your energy into creating a space of peace and love, so that you can thrive and live as your highest self?

Make a list of everything good you can remember, big and small. Fill this list with accomplished goals, good deeds, and valiant efforts. If you were to recall every single instant of good that has ever transpired in your life, you'd see your truth worth. You are valuable beyond measure.  You are priceless.


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