Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Invitation

There is nothing that defines a successful life better than peace. It doesn't matter if your life is adorned with jewels and monetary riches or if you live in a makeshift shack or no house at all, if there is peace, your life is successful.

So very often, we place too much value on material gain and social status, but those things will not necessarily bring peace to your life or joy to your heart.  

Peace can be defined as "freedom from disturbance." That means being unperturbed by gossip and slander.  It means being humble and unpretentious, even when those around you appear to have it all. 

Peace is the culmination of hard work and lessons learned.  Peace comes from experiencing difficulty and strife.  Peace comes when the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared.  Peace is waiting for you to invite it in...


Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Thanks so much for your follow! I was your 100th follower, woohoo! (lol) I look forward to reading your posts! :)

Cindi Lee said...

Amen to this! I get so incredibly busy with writing and promoting and all this other stuff that I often find my peace flying through the door. Sometimes you have to sit back and remember what's important. Life, health, loved ones. :)

Stacey Donaldson said...

@Vanessa - Thank you so much for getting me to 100, I'm so excited about this milestone!!

@Cindi - I have to remind myself all the time. It's so easy to get caught up in life forgetting that we are not meant to spend our lives stressing out, usually by the time we realize it we've already gone there. The important stuff is what keeps us grounded :-)

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