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Interview: Aaron St. Julien ~ Sanctuary of the Soul: Sacred Heart Offerings

Sanctuary of the Soul: Sacred Heart OfferingI have the pleasure of having Author/Poet, Aaron St. Julien to the blog. 

SD: Why did you write this book of poems and what did you hope to accomplish with this book? 

ASJ: I wrote this book of poems to share the revelations I received during my meditations. In 2001 I had a deep meditative experience that turned my world upside down and this book is a result of that awakening. I hope people find my words healing and ultimately come to know their own Divinity.

SD: You began writing poetry at the ripe, young age of 13, do you happen to remember the first poem you ever wrote

ASJ: It was called “Special Grandma”, my grandmother made her transition and that’s what inspired me to start writing poetry.

SD: Did you think it was good? 

ASJ: I didn’t really think about if it was good or not but my family loved it so much they included my poem in her obituary. 

SD: Did you grow up in an environment that supported artistic expression? 

ASJ: Not really I had a kind of unstable childhood.

SD: Of all the places you’ve visited, which country inspired you the most and why? 

ASJ: I would have to say Egypt, more specifically Mount Sinai. The people there were so beautiful and generous; I loved living there for 6 months in 2005. When I climbed Mount Sinai it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

SD: Who is your favorite poet? 

ASJ: Rumi and Kibar are my favorite poets

SD: Would you consider your styles similar? 

ASJ: Somewhat, but I didn’t start reading other poets work until I finished my book. I feel we share a “knowingness” that comes through in our poetry.

SD: Two of my favorite poems are “The Key” and  “Sacred Bond,” were these two poems based on personal experience? 

ASJ: Yes, they were both inspired by deep spiritual experiences I shared with two different women. 

SD: Many of your poems have a cadence or a rhythm; do you perform live at spoken word venues? 

ASJ: I have in the past...  Actually I will be performing at a poetry slam the 21st of April at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East liberty, Pa. 

SD: Some of your poetry is obviously inspired by religious beliefs, do you find poetry to be spiritual experience? 

ASJ: Yes, but I feel I draw inspiration for my poetry from my spiritual experiences.

SD: Are you a renaissance man? 

ASJ: Yes. In a sense, I’m always trying to take things to the next level of evolution.  

SD: Do you use poetry to woo your romantic interests? 

ASJ: When I was younger I did, but since I have matured I try to find a deeper connection with someone of interest.

SD: What’s next for Aaron St. Julien? 

ASJ: I plan to start writing my next book in July, St. Julien Chronicles: The Great Unfolding. It will be a more in depth account of my spiritual journey and mystical adventures. It will also talk about the awakening I feel is taking place within every individual on this planet.

Aaron was kind enough to allow me to share a piece from Sanctuary of the Soul:
Sacred Bond

Was it the moon or am I just too irresistible?
resisting advances leads to sexual liberation
tongue & lip tasting arms around thighs face In
2 in the a.m. back seat riding, humidity level 
rising, wrapped only in our innocence wearing
crowns of glory & benevolence expressions of
love create a communion of heart & soul
sacred bond takes control, opening portals to
higher realms of ecstasy we let go our vessels
submerge in the flow silently the song of all 
songs is the melody the rhythm of life is our
chemistry, conductors of pure bliss energy we
both start to shake uncontrollably, her mind
begins to flood with unsettled memories
overwhelmed tears fall as she lay in a position
of fetal vulnerability, so I embrace her & kiss
her on the forehead tenderly we emerge as
cosmic twins while in awe of the previous 
happenings the vibrations emitted were 
enough to see a whole new galaxy

Aaron's book of poetry Sanctuary of the Soul: Sacred Heart Offering is now available.


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