Saturday, March 26, 2011

Writer's Club

Mom'a Tree House is hosting a weekly Writer's Club.  So since I am an aspiring writer, I decided to join in to get my creative juices flowing.  

#2 Describe the moment you realized you were becoming your mother.

As strange as it sounds, I feel like I knew immediately.  Almost the very next morning after conception (strange huh?).  I just had a feeling, a sense that something inside of me had changed. Of course it was several weeks before I was able to confirm, but my intuition was right, I was pregnant.
In the first few moments after I confirmed it, I cried, but just a little bit.  It still seemed unreal to me.  It wasn’t until months later when I felt the first flutter, that it really sunk in, I was going to be a mommy!  I wailed!  I mean the flood gates opened up like the heavens.  At first there was nothing and then there was something, I had managed to create life inside of my body.  
I was amazed at the entire pregnancy.  Completely in awe. Despite the fact that I was sick the entire time (with the exception of the 7 month, when I managed to keep my food down), I loved ever single moment. I have never felt more in tune with the universe than I did when I was pregnant. How could I not believe that I was a part of something greater than this human experience?
On August 26, 1995, my labor was induced. True to form with the entire experience, it did not go off without a hitch. I discovered that I was allergic to Pitocin (the medication used to induce labor), so I convulsed for 7 minutes.  Two injections later, the convulsions subsided and I was completely exhausted, but the doctor said that I wouldn’t deliver until after noon the next day!  
By the 10th hour, I had only dilated 1 centimeter.  At this rate I would be in labor for 24 hours for sure!  At that point my mother had arrived and she told me to push a little bit, every time I felt a contraction, so I did.  At the 16th hour, I was fully dilated and very relieved!  I was ready, but the nurse told me to wait for the doctor. I looked her dead in the eye and said “I know that you’ve done this many times before, we don’t need to wait for him, we can do this together, me and you.”  She chuckled and reassured me that the doctor was on his way.  When she left the room, I grabbed my husband’s hand with my left and my mother’s hand with my right, and I pushed as hard as I could.  The river began to flow.  I called the nurse back and told her that I was not waiting, so she called the ER doctor up to deliver my baby. 
After a grueling 16 hours of labor (with no epidural or pain meds), I was finally going to meet my child.  I didn’t know her sex (well at least I didn’t ask during any of the ultrasounds), but I had already decided that I was having a girl, and I was right. On August 27, 1995 at just after 3:00  my daughter, Niara Amani Johnson, weighing in at 6.7 pounds, 19 inches, made her grand entrance into the world. I couldn’t believe I was a mom!
My little girl is not so little anymore (she’s almost 16 now).  Motherhood is, hands down, the best experience of my life.

5 comments: said...

My daughter is an August 27th baby too . A great day for sure. Thanks for sharing your story.

Johanna said...

Oh wow, thank you for sharing, and I love her name. So unique.

samsstuff said...

My son is 16 & I still remember this day (mostly the good parts, not any pain there might have been). Thank you for sharing your story!

Ottilie Weber said...

Hey! I nominated your blog at congrats!!

Stacey Donaldson said...

I appreciate you all stopping by and reading my rant :-)

@Ottilie thanks for the nomination...I will be posting soon.

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