Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's real?

Your mind is a wondrous space, capable of incredible insight, unfathomable intelligence, and limitless potential.  Always calculating, examining, and reviewing information, your mind is the control center of your world.

The happenings of your life, although external, is perceived within the space between your ears. If you are plagued with change and challenge, you may feel like the world is against you.  Or you could take change and challenge as an opportunity for growth.  It's all in your perception.

In order to maintain a firm grasp on reality, you must be accountable and honest with yourself.  That means owning and accepting your flaws.  It means being reasonable in difficult situations and understanding the consequences for your actions. Your mind may be the control center, but you are in control.

Shed all notions of inadequacy and embrace the idea that you can create abundance in your life. Clear out negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations.  Your mind is a tool to use at your disposal, but whether it's useful or useless will depend on your ability to perceive what's real.


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