Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday #2

This week's Top Ten Tuesday (hosted weekly by The Brook and the Bookish) is:
                          Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition
If you are a writer or have ever met one personally, you know what a labor of love writing can be.  I am amazed at all writers, even those that I am not particularly fond of, simply because I realize how difficult the writing process is. Here are a few authors that I think deserve more kudos:

1.   Elizabeth Berg – she’s not exactly an unknown, but she is absolutely one of my favorites, so I feel compelled to put her at the top of my list.  She can write about women and all their complicated parts like nobody’s business!
2.   J. California Cooper – Years ago someone suggested that I read Homemade Love, which is an amazing novel.  She also has several others that I would recommend as well.  In addition to novels, she is also a playwright.
3.   Octavia Butler – I am not really into science fiction, but Kindred caught my attention.  Octavia Butler has an amazing way of weaving a story together.
4.   Phyllis Schieber – the author of The Sinner’s Guide to Confession is absolutely wonderful.  This is the only book that I have read by her, but I loved it.  You should read it too!
5.   Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey – when I read All I Ever Did Was Love a Man I cried.  I recommended that book to everyone that I knew would read it (and some who I knew wouldn’t).  The story is reminiscent of so many woman who have fallen victim to toxic love.
6.   Chris Bohjalian – author of Trans-Sister Radio, which I loved.  I only read it a few months ago, picked it up from the library, phenomenal read.  I also read Midwives years ago on an airplane ride, that was great too.
7.   Lalita Tademy – Cane River…what can I say about Cane River, besides the fact that it was incredible!  She went back through her family history and aired the laundry and then some, to produce an incredible novel, full of history, challenge, and perseverance.
8.   Jennifer Weiner – she’s not exactly unheard of, but I love her and that’s all there is to it!
9.   Elizabeth Kostova – if you haven’t ever read The Historian, you are in for more than a treat.  The story is so well told and the research is impeccable.  This book was loaned to me (I have yet to return it by the way, I still have it Toya) and I can't  recommend it enough. If you like history, intrigue, and a sprinkle of romance, this is the book for you.  Oh and there is Vampire lore by the way.
10. Louann Brizendine I’m not typically a non-fiction type of girl, but every now and then there is a book that commands my attention.  The Female Brain is one of those books.  She paints a clear picture of the why’s of the female psyche.  If you have a daughter, you might want to check this one out.  She should be on Dr. Phil for sure (if she hasn’t already, I’m not a TV watcher, so I wouldn’t know).


LBC said...

Butler keeps showing up on these lists. I liked The Female Brain a lot as well, but not the Male Brain.

Check out my post here: http://hawthornescarlet.blogspot.com/2011/03/top-ten-tuesday-check-um-out.html

Stacey Donaldson said...

@LBC I haven't read the Male Brain, but The Female Brain was interesting. I stopped by your blog...loved your top 10, got excited about the pics!

pwb said...

The only one I've read is Elizabeth Kostova, I will have to look out for the others.

Laurie said...

I loved Butler's Parable of the Sower even more than Kindred.
And now I simply must read Kostova's The Historian: I've heard so much about it.
Finally, I hope to put The Female Brain on my library wish list.
Thanks for these fine suggestions, and best wishes on your writing life!

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