Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Goes a Long Way

You don't need a lot, only as much as you can use to do whatever it is that you came here to do. You don't need a millions of dollars or multiple houses.  You don't need hundreds of so-called friends or praise from the masses. You don't need a lot of anything, you just need enough.

We live in a world where excess has become the norm, despite the fact that millions of people go hungry around the world each and every day.  We have grown accustomed to wanting more than we can use and buying more than we can consume. 

Everyone is guilty, including you. You may have outlandish dreams of fame and fortune, when all you really need is contentment and peace.  You may desire a fancy car and shiny jewels, overlooking the real joys in life: love, laughter, and smiles.

Stop wasting your time and energy pursing more than what you really need.  Instead focus on obtaining the goals that will provide value to your life. A little, goes a long way.


Deborah Lawrenson said...

You are a wise woman, Stacey - one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog so much.

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