Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Like a Good Neighbor

What do you stand for?  Not the things are important to your daily life, but what causes do you support in the bigger picture?

Try as you might to live in a bubble, it is impossible.  Life is like a spiderweb, everything that it  touches effects everything else. We each have an obligation to the world as a whole.  What do you stand for, what issues speak to you, and how will you help?

During this lifetime, you will not always land on the giving end, you are bound to be a receiver as well.  There will come a time when you will need the help and support of others for your survival.  When that time arrives, and it will, you can only hope that there will be a good neighbor, family member, friend, or stranger to lend you a helping hand. 

Although it is vitally important to take care of yourself, it is equally important to be a citizen of the world.  You can make a difference. You can be an advocate for peace and a catalyst for change.


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