Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Try, Try Again

Giving up is easy.  It takes no effort at all.  All you have to do is throw your hands up and walk a way.  Giving up requires no character or gumption.  You don't have to think, feel, or work for it.  You will never taste success or savor the flavors of victory.  

Giving up is for cowards.  It's for the people who refuse to see their own potential.  Giving up is perfect for those who never want to move ahead or have no aspiration for a better life.  Giving up is not for you.

If life gets hard, as it often does, don't give up.  If the stakes are high and the probability is low, don't give up.  

You are were designed for success and intended for greatness. You will not succumb to the temptation of giving up, because you are a victor.  You are the very definition of perseverance.  The only way to truly succeed is to try, try again!


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