Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop Lying

Like most people, I'm sure you don't take kindly to liars. You appreciate the truth, it sounds good to your ears, it feels good to your body, and it sits well with your soul.  When someone lies to you, it makes you cringe, leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and disables your trust in that person.  So the question is "why do you keep lying to yourself?"
Every time you doubt your own abilities, you're lying.  When you would rather have a pity party than take some action, you're lying.  If you allow fear to get behind the wheel and steer you away from your destiny, you're lying.
When you start to tell yourself these lies, recognize it and stop.  Be reminded of your brilliance, of your abilities to rise above adversity, and maneuver through the terrain of change and challenge.  
The truth will set you free.  You are free to embrace your authentic self; free to accomplish your goals; free to enjoy this experience.  No more lying, no more pity, and no more denying your truth.  You are whoever you think you are, so if you thought you weren't good enough, you thought wrong. 


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