Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rising to Greet Adversity

The last two weeks have been quite a challenge.  My father went into kidney failure, all of a sudden.  As a result, I have been at the hospital every single day since.

You never know when you'll be thrown a curve ball in this life.  Just when you think you've figured out the game, here comes life pitching the ball all fancy and stuff!  This has been such a learning experience for me.  Once again I have been forced to grow in ways that I didn't imagine possible.  I have had to summon strength, patience, and courage that I didn't realize I had. There have been times when I wanted to lay down and throw a big, grand "Pity Party" extravaganza!  But I couldn't do that.  Somewhere along my 37 year journey I became the pillar of strength.  I am the person that everyone looks to for encouragement.  Where I was once a child who talked too much, I am now a woman who appears to "know it all."  (please note that I said "appears")

Although my father is still hospitalized, I do believe he has begun to turn the corner.  This experience may have happened to him physically, but it has affected our entire family emotionally.  I hope that each one of us will cherish the gift of this seemingly difficult experience and use it to transform the parts of ourselves that needed to be remodeled.

I may be exhausted (completely spent actually), but I am new and improved at the same time.  I realize the importance of making and maintaining connections with those who love and care about me.  I know without a doubt that change and challenge lurks in the shadows at all times. I feel a sense of gratitude for my body and all its functioning parts. But most of all I realize that I love my father, despite our differences and in spite of his shortcomings.

I will continue to rise to greet adversity as it comes, but I will certainly do a happy dance as it turns to bid me farewell!


mi3centsworth said...

Stacey, sending up prayers for your dad. Take care.

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