Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Joy!

Where is your joy?  Did you leave it at home on the nightstand?  Did it disappear when your funds got low and the bills got high?  Did you give it away to someone else in hopes that they'd someday return the favor?  I've got news for you, your joy never left, it's been with you all along.

Joy is not in things. It doesn't have a monetary value. It can't be found in degrees or honors. It will not appear magically as if in a dream. Joy is inside of you, where it has been all this time.

You have access to this joy at all times, but you have to decide.  You must decide to let go of insignificant grudges.  You must accept that you can share your joy without giving it all away. You must choose joy despite of your circumstances.

The joy is in there, where it will always remain.  Change and challenge cannot eliminate it.  Obstacles and adversity cannot defeat it.  You have the power to demonstrate and display your joy, at all times.  Will you choose it?


Mrs. Marine said...

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hi Stacey! Found your blog over at Bloggy Moms. Love this post. I was thinking about "finding joy" just today. The challenges that my family has faced financially over the last couple of years have been difficult. But I constantly try to remind myself to find the joy in all of the little things that surround me (and there are many!)

Shareena said...

great post. It is difficult to find joy or even embracing Joy when too much sadness surrounds you...but when we strong enough to move on, Joy always be there... :)

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