Friday, February 18, 2011

Let it

It may often appear that things never come easy for you.  You may have to work and try harder than others.  You may be up against more obstacles, face more challenges, and endless mishaps. Although it may appear that others have it easier than you, the real issue may be the fact that you won't allow goodness to come.

When you become a perpetual victim, affliction is sure to strike.  If you decide that life is going to be difficult and bad luck is the only luck you have, the universe and everything in it will rise to meet your low expectation.

When you allow goodness to entire your realm, things begin to happen. Doors will open, opportunities will arise, and circumstances will change. 

Goodness is sure to come if you LET it.  Abundance will show itself if you LET it. Your life will be favorable as soon as you allow it to be.


mi3centsworth said...

Come on in goodness, come on in greatness, come on in abundance, come on in!!!

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