Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Go With It

Naturally we all like to be in control, trying out best to know what's going to happen and when. But you are likely to hit a speed bump or make a wrong turn along the way. When that happens, what should you do?  Just go with it.

You never know where a little surprise can take you.  Many a great man became great by what they believed to be an "accident."  Setting out on one course and winding up taking another.  You are no different.

You may think you have it all figured out, but there are greater things at work here.  Sometimes you just need to let go a little.  Take the time to see where that "wrong turn" might lead.  Relax into what is and stop tensing up about what "should" be.

Life happens on purpose.  That means that every single thing, planned or not, was meant to be experienced.  So the next time you hit a bump, ride it out.  When there is an unexpected chance of showers, just go with it.  You just might discover that life is much greater than you can see.


Meri said...

I find life to be much more of an adventure if I try to make the best out of everything. When that doesn't work, I just curse and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all :)

S Dupree said...

I often have problems "letting go" but I'm slowly strarting to overcome this. Sometimes you miss out on the many blessings on life by holding on to things. I know from experience. Thanks for the motivational post. I'm following you and would love a follow back! :-)

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