Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Your Growing Confidence

For most of us confidence doesn't come naturally, but is acquired over time.  Confidence, not to be mistaken for arrogance, is a sedative for the overactive mind. It soothes and calms the inner critic.  It believes when the stakes are high and the odds are low. While you're on this journey through this life, you'll want confidence to come along for the ride.

Building confidence is a process.  It comes from taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Confidence will show up in little victories and on the sidelines of progress. Confidence will wane if you allow minor setbacks to take precedence; but it will stick around if you keep your eyes on your goals.  

Give credit where credit is due, you are a winner, so you have to think like one.  Remind yourself of what you've accomplished and plant the seed of confidence in your mind. Positivity is like water and will provide nourishment to the seed of confidence.  Look ahead and watch it grow.


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