Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who Said You Couldn't?

You may have been told that you couldn't do it and you may have believed it. This very thing is keeping you  from the future that awaits you. It's in the way of your progress. It's holding you hostage in your past and has you bound in the present. Now is the time to set yourself free.

Let go of whatever you were told. Get rid of ideas that have hindered your abilities.  Nobody can set restrictions for your life, except for you. It doesn't matter what you heard, now is your time.

You must do all the things that you believed you couldn't. You mush accomplish the goals that seem impossible. You must empower yourself to achieve the unattainable. 

Whoever said you can't, didn't know you.  Whoever thought you wouldn't, hasn't seen you. Those who have grown to love you, will know that it's true. You are the epitome of perseverance. You have been designed by the divine and you will live out your dreams!


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