Monday, January 3, 2011

How You See It

The air is ripe with possibility today.  You are alive and well.  Your mind is clear and lucid.  Your body is ready, willing, and able.  What's not to love about this day?

Things may not be perfect.  You probably have more on your plate than you would like.  You may be facing challenges, obstacles may appear to be in your way.  But what's not to love about this day?

The birds will continue to sing, even if it's raining.  The sun will still rise, even under the cover of clouds.  The moon will make its journey across the sky even when you can't see it.  What is not to love about this day?

Open your eyes and see.  See beyond the difficulties.  Look past the challenges.  Embrace what is.  Life is beautiful, every day.  It's all in how you see it. 


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