Friday, January 28, 2011

Be Kind to Yourself

It sure is nice when people treat you with respect and kindness.  To be received openly, without judgement, is desired by one and all. In order to truly be treated the way that you want to be treated, it has to start with you.  Are you kind to yourself?

If you regard yourself as unworthy of your own love, how can you possibly expect others to feel differently?  The way that you are treated outside, is a direct reflection of the way you treat yourself inside.  It all starts with you.

You may not be perfect, but who is?  What you are is perfectly capable of accomplishing your goals, perfectly designed to live your best life, and perfectly deserving of love from yourself and others. 

Being kind to yourself will open the door to the world that you have longed to live in.  A world of compassion and empathy, of good nature and good cheer.  A world that has been designed just for you...welcome home. 


Meri said...

I feel like we're trained from childhood to be nice to everybody BUT ourselves.. the only people who seem to be able to be nice to themselves are sometimes the ones who aren't very nice to anyone else... what's wrong with this picture?

Shareena said...

I agreed with Meri. We trained since childhood to be nice to others but when we be nice to ourself, we are consider selfish (?)

KathyMorelli said...

I love this post. Thank you for reminding me to be kind to myself. I needed that, my dear!

I recently won The Stylish Blogger Award and now we are passing it onto you. Congratulations! Find out the award details here: Namaste, Kathy

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