Friday, December 10, 2010

You’re the Driver

Everybody will not agree with the decisions you make for your life.  There will be people who nag and negate everything that you say or do.  Sometimes they will be right and maybe you should listen, but what lesson would you learn from that?
The truth is you learn best from messing it up.  If you are flubbing and stumbling your way though this life…good for you!  That means you’re making progress. 
Contrary to popular belief, success is not paved on a perfect road.  Real success comes from heading in the wrong direction, crossing double lines, and more often than not, crashing and burning.
If you’re constantly getting it wrong, don’t worry you will eventually get it right and when you do the success will be syrupy sweet.  The naysayers will be amazed and reluctant to congratulate you, but they will admire your courage.  You are the driver of this vehicle…your passengers’ can either buckle up or get out of the car.


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