Thursday, December 16, 2010

That Day is Today

My first article was published on  yesterday.  I had no idea that I would feel so wonderful about something that may seem like a small deal to a “non-writer.”  Confidence in writing is not easy to come by.  I am plagued with self-doubt and constantly revising, rewording, restructuring, etc.  Even when I finally decide that something is finished, I start to rethink it.  This chronic “re” syndrome cannot go on forever, but I imagine that the only prescription for it is…more writing!
I published another article on this morning.  Two articles in one week…now that’s progress!  While I was writing this morning I realized that writing really makes me feel good.  I could literally sit down and write the whole day, I never would have imagined.  It’s one thing to talk about writing, but doing it is something altogether different.  But I am now walking the walk and it feels phenomenal!
This is the start of something great; I can feel it with everything in me.  This has been such a terrifically tough year (I say terrifically because something good has to come out of it).  There has been so much change and challenge (multiple deaths, health issues, financial crises, etc.).  For a few months it was hard for me to live with myself.  I don’t know if I have ever complained so very much (I’m not 100% finished at present, but I’m working on it).  What I really needed was to get silent long enough to hear what the universe was trying to tell me….create.  Create the life that I want and deserve.  Create a space where I can thrive.  Create a present that I can live with.  This gift that has been dormant for far too long is ready to see the light of day.  That day is today.  


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