Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Success

Giving up is easy to do, especially when you have invested time and energy into something that doesn’t pay off immediately.  You may get tired, irritable, and discouraged, feeling like nothing good will ever come from your efforts; but don’t give in to the desire to give up.

Success is hardly ever immediate.  Success will play coy and will go to great lengths to evade you, but if you are steadfast, you will catch it.  If success were easy, what would be the purpose?  Although success is available to everyone, not everyone will achieve it.
Success is within your grasp, if you press on.  Success will embrace you, if you move toward it.  Success will be everything you ever wanted and more, if you keep trying.
Nothing worth having is ever easy to achieve. Whatever you believe you can do, can be done.  Whatever you want, you can have.  If you give up…you’ll never know, but if you keep trying you’ll find that success is even sweeter than you could have imagined.


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