Friday, December 3, 2010

It's a Bloggers World

So I’m beginning my journey into the unknown world of writing.  There is so much here on the world-wide-web that I didn’t know about.  Sure I’ve heard of blog, bloggers, blogging…but I had no idea that there was so much content to be read!  There are millions of people sharing what they know with the world, it’s awesome!  I am now following The Self Employed Writer, The Chubby Vegetarian, and Endless Eats!  I can’t believe that I have been in blog oblivion all this time!
I am so very excited at the possibilities. I think the world is ripe with creativity right now.  In the midst of economic strife we are all forced to hone in on the skills that are inherent within us.  Tapping into that unused bank of creativity is good for one and all! The resources that are available at the touch of a button, makes it so easy to get started doing anything that you want to do!  Gone are the days of encyclopedias.  I never thought I would see the day that I have access to absolutely everything I have ever wanted to know…technology rocks!!!
Naturally, I can’t help but long for the good ole’ days.  You know the days before we became a drive-thru society.  When you had to actually talk to other people, use a pen or pencil, and cook on a real stove (with real fire).  With all this instant gratification, we have all grown impatient, and disconnected.  I never wanted to be one of those people who emailed or texted rather than called…but I am slowly evolving into that gal.  I would never have believed that putting a pen to paper would prove to be an arduous task, but alas it is coming to that.  I am trying to find a happy medium between the technology that has me mesmerized and the basic elementary skills that I was taught as young child.  I must make a pact with me…to foster real human relationships and connections.  Although I am a social person, I have never been sociable.  I would much rather retreat to the comfort of my own home than have dinner with a friend.  I love the sound of the human voice, but I would much rather converse with the voice inside of my head, you know the one that talks me through pain, comforts me through disappointments, and tells killer jokes about nearly everyone in my environment…she’s a ham!
I guess I can share my struggles here…even if nobody reads it!


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