Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take the Challenge

In hindsight, you can always see that the most difficult periods of your life provide the most fertile soil for your growth.  In the midst of a challenge, it is not easy to see the profundity of the experience.   But once you have made it through and the light penetrates the shadows of doubt, you are able to see clearly the reason, the lesson, and the gift of that experience.
Challenges offer a unique opportunity to reaffirm your determination.  When things go smoothly, it’s easy to stay on course, but there is no evidence of how much you really want to succeed.  But struggle gifts you with an opportunity to validate your intent and tap into your reserve of perseverance.
Do not be discouraged by difficulties…instead see the possibility to leap into your future, rather than allowing it to run into you. 
You are a worthy adversary, so when your opponent, struggle, taps you on the shoulder…take the challenge. No matter how long the battle…as long as you do not give up…your victory is guaranteed.


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