Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blamed by Edie Harris

This is not a paid post. I received a free copy of this eBook to facilitate this review.
All views expressed are my honest opinion. 

Goodreads: Born into a long line of spies, sanctioned killers and covert weapons developers, Beth
Faraday carried out her first hit-for-hire when she was still a teenager. 

That part of her life - the American spy royalty part - ended one year ago, with a job gone wrong in Afghanistan. The collateral damage she caused with a single shot was unfathomable and, for Beth, unforgivable. She's worked hard to build a new life for herself, far away from the family business. 

But someone, somewhere, hasn't forgotten what Beth did in Kabul. And they want revenge.

As the Faraday clan bands together to defend Beth and protect their legacy, Beth is forced to flee her new home with the unlikeliest of allies - M16 agent Raleigh Vick, the only man she's ever loved. And the one she thought she killed in the desert.

Review: Beth Faraday is so much more than she seems. While she spends her days working in an art gallery, her life is not that simple, although she would like it to be. Not long ago she spent her days hiding in the shadows, waiting for a clear shot. Beth was a trained killer.

Beth didn't choose her life, she was born into it. And when an op went terribly wrong, she could not bear the weight of the guilt, so she walked away. She walked away from her family, from her life, and started anew... or so she thought. When the past catches up to her, the best and the worst things she's ever known comes to call... and nothing will ever be the same. 

Blamed is a fiery read. I mean there is just enough romance (the palpable tension kind) and just enough action (the edge-of-your-seat-what's-gonna-happen-next kind). You can't stop reading from the very first page. I mean this book begins with tension and keeps a steady feed throughout. Edie Harris knowns how to write!

I loved that the action was described with enough detail for me to vividly imagine what was happening, in fact I found my heart racing several times! And the connection between Beth and Vick is incredible. I love when I can feel how attracted the characters are. When you know there is nothing but space and opportunity separating them from tearing their clothes off and taking care of one another... even when their lives are in danger! 

If you're looking for a page-turning dangerous, romantic adventure... Blamed is it!

I give this book:

Blamed is the first book in The Blood Money series, and is available in eBook format. Download your copy today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, or Carina Press.

Be sure to check out Edie's website. You can also follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Girl He Knows by Kristi Rose

The Girl He Knows by Kristi Rose


Waking up naked next to a good looking man is not a bad way to start the day. Especially since Paisley missed all those opportunities in college, when she was busy supporting her no good thankfully now, ex-husband. The problem? This hottie is Hang, her best friend's older brother, a guy she's known her entire life.

Stopping after one night is the right thing to do. Being with him clearly breaks the best friend code, and from his career as a Naval officer to his Boy Scout reputation, everything about him screams monogamy and commitment. Two things Paisley has had enough of.

When Hank presents a "no strings attached" offer, it's too good to be true. She can enjoy him while embracing being single. But, poor choices force her to confront old fears of love and loss, and Paisley has to decide if Hank is worth the risk. The alternative is never experiencing the real deal. Or far worse, settling for less.


Paisley has been hurt - bad. She's already gone through a horrific divorce and she's just not ready to be attached right now. When she wakes up next to Hank, her best friend's brother, she's mortified. She knows that she enjoyed sleeping with him, but she doesn't want to fall back into the same pattern. For the first time ever, Paisley is ready to sow her oats, and hooking up with Hank could ruin that. But when Hank proposes an FWB situation, Paisley feels like she can have the best of both worlds - great sex with a guy she can trust and the freedom to let her hair down.

The Girl He Knows is sweet, endearing and totally relatable. Paisley is a very likable character who lands in a precarious position. We've all been hurt before and when it's all over the first thing you want to do is protect your heart. But it's kinda hard to feel nothing when you're just not wired that way. Hank is a genuinely nice guy, coupled with the fact that they've known each other forever, that makes the situation murky from the start. Can you truly have a friends with benefits situation with someone who knows almost as well as you know yourself?

While I really enjoyed this book; however, I thought it was pretty predictable. So I give it:

This is not a paid post. I received a free eBook copy of this book through NetGalley. All views expressed are my honest opinion.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Wolf by Lorenzo Carcaterrra

The Wolf by Lorenzo Carcaterra


My name is Vincent Marelli, though most people call me The Wolf. You've never met me, and if you're lucky you never will. But in more ways than you could think of, I own you.

I run the biggest criminal operation in the world. We're invisible but we're everywhere. Wherever you go, whatever you do, however it is you spend your money, a piece of it lands in our pockets.

You would think that with that kind of power I would be invincible. You would be wrong. I made a mistake, one that a guy like me can never afford to make. I let my guard down. And because I did, my wife and daughters are gone. Murdered by terrorists with a lethal ax to grind.

That was my mistake.

But it was also theirs.

I wasn't looking for a war with them. No one in my group was. But they've left me with nothing but a desire for revenge - so a war is what they'll get. The full strength of international organized crime against every known terrorist group working today. Crime versus chaos.

We will protect our interests, and I will protect my son. We won't get them all, but I will get my revenge, or I will die trying. 

They will know my name.

They will fear The Wolf.


Vincent Marelli (a.k.a. The Wolf) is a crime boss, he's got connections all over the world. He runs his life and his business dealings with precision. He makes sure that everything is covered all the time. He never relaxes and he trusts no one. His guard is always up... until it wasn't. The one time he let his guard down, against his better judgement, the unthinkable happened - his wife and daughters were killed by terrorists.

Vincent "The Wolf" Marelli will not stop until he gets revenge. The loss of his wife and daughters was devastating, not just for him, but for his son also. Now he is hell bent on finding who did it and keeping his son safe.

The Wolf is a PAGE TURNER! I read until my eyes needed toothpicks to stay open and then I got up the next morning to finish. The writing is excellent, so detailed that the images are embossed in my brain. Would make an incredible movie, if it's done right, of course.

The characters are layered and flawed. So realistic. Granted, I don't know any mob guys personally, but these characters could scare the bejeezus out of someone. In order to be a mob boss (or in the mob period), you have to have a strong presence... and the author was able to capture that essence perfectly!

If you enjoy thrillers and want to read something that will keep your attention from cover to cover... this book is for you!

I give this book:

This is not a paid post. I received a free ARC through NetGalley in exchanged for my honest review. The views expressed are my own.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Regrets by Claire Kent

No Regrets by Claire Kent

On my last birthday, I made one vow for the year. Live with no regrets. Eleven months have passed, though, and nothing has changed. I still sleep alone, spend my life working, and never move out of my comfort zone.

Then the loss of my dog throws my whole life out of orbit, and I end up in bed with a very hot and slightly-too-young veterinarian, who has recently made a vow of his own. Life with no strings. Josh is more than happy to help me with the things I've been afraid to try. Semi-public sex. Spanking. Anal Sex. He's a willing partner for everything I've wondered about, as long as I don't demand more.

He's serious about his no-strings philosophy. As serious as I am about living with no regrets. I can't help but fall for him, even though I know better. So my biggest regret might be a broken heart.


Leslie arrives at the veterinary office with her beloved dog, knowing that she was in bad shape. When the new vet, Dr. Josh Bennett, comes to her aid, she's too distraught to notice how hot he is.  When the two inadvertently bump into one another later, the chemistry is obvious and it's not long before the sparks fly and they create a little friction together.

Leslie decided that she would live with no regrets on her last birthday, with that in mind she doesn't want to miss out on a chance to experience pleasure with someone as attractive and charming as Josh. She didn't count on falling for him, in fact she tried her very best not to. Josh made it clear from the very beginning that he was only looking to be FWB. For Leslie, that's easier said than done.

No Regrets was a short + sweet read. Although it was pretty predictable from the start (the-girl-falls-for-the-unavailable guy is a pretty easy to spot formula), I was completely enthralled throughout the entire book. Both characters are extremely likable, which I didn't expect. So often guys who are only looking to hook up are painted as jerks, which is certainly not always true, so I was relieved that I actually liked Josh as a person. Leslie was sweet and slightly innocent, which is typical, but not at all annoying.

I really enjoyed this book... read it in a single night! I give it:

No Regrets had a scheduled release date for late July... but I'm not sure if that still stands. When or if it becomes available I'll try to post the link info.

For more information about Claire Kent, visit her website at www.clairekent.com 

This is not a paid post. A free eBook copy of the book was received through NetGalley. All views expressed are the honest opinion of the Reviewer/Blogger. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Flying by Megan Hart

From Barnes & Noble:

Ever hear of wanderlust?

Every other weekend, Stella buys a ticket on the next flight out of town and leaves her life behind. Home is a place with too many memories, and departure is the sweetest possible distraction.
As soon as she arrives at her destination, Stella visits the airport bar. She orders a drink and waits for the right guy to come along. A bored businessman, a backpacker, a baggage handler just off shift. If he's into a hot, no-strings hookup, he's perfect. Each time is a thrilling escape from reality that gives the term layover a whole new meaning.
When Stella meets the enigmatic Matthew in Chicago one weekend, she hits some serious turbulence. Something about him tells her she's not the only one running from the past. The connection between them is explosive, and for the first time, one taste is not enough for Stella. But returning to find a gorgeous man waiting for her is the easy part—facing the reason she's there is a whole other matter….


Stella is a flyer. She travels to cities around the country every other weekend. There is no set destination, she goes wherever her standby status will take her. She only goes for one thing, to be someone else. She travels to escape the past and the present. She allows the excursion to lead her to the airport bar, where she always encounters Mr. Right-now. Sex with no emotion, no attachment, simply carnal pleasure... that's how she likes it.

Stella meets her match in Chicago, where she happens upon Matthew. He's handsome and hot as fire. He's different than the others, she knows it. Suddenly Stella is doing something she's never done before, going back for seconds.

Although there is plenty of sex (not too much), Flying is not just an erotic novel. It's really the story of how the scars of heartbreak can mar us for life and the pain of what once was can keep us stuck. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm a big Megan Hart fan anyway, but I think she dug a little bit deeper with Flying. The story is very carefully weaved. You're pretty far in before getting the slightest clue about what's underneath Stella's behavior. This is an erotic novel with some depth... Megan dug deep! And I mean that in a good way. 

I really love erotic fiction, but I am not interested in reading a book riddled with sex and a corny storyline. Dare I say that I like to read erotic fiction with substance and a side of well written sex? LOL Flying is like that :-)

I give this book:

Flying is available in paperback (where sold) + eBook on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and other fine retailers.

This is not a paid postI received a free eBook copy of this book from NetGalley which helped to facilitate this review. However, all views expressed are my honest opinion. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man 
by Jodi Ellen Malpas

From Goodreads:

Young interior designer Ava O'Shea has an appointment for a first consultation at The Manor with the owner, Mr. Jesse Ward. She is expecting nothing more than an overweight, cravat wearing, well-to-do countryman, and on arrival, nothing would suggest otherwise. How wrong could she be? This Man is devastatingly handsome, charming and confident. He is also a conceited, hedonistic playboy, who knows no boundaries. Ava desperately does not want to be attracted to him, but she can't control the overwhelming affect he has on her. Every instinct is telling her to run, so she does, but Jesse Ward is not so willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her. She knows she is heading for heartbreak, but how can she run when he won't let her?


Ava O'Shea is a pretty regular girl. She loves her job as an interior designer, and she's damn good at it too. She's just coming out of a long term relationship, so she's bunking up with her best girlfriend, but otherwise her life is pretty status quo. Until she goes out to meet with the owner of The Manor for a prospective job.

Jesse Ward is used to getting what he wants. Once he sets his sight on something, it's a done deal. Ava O'Shea is no exception. He has decided that he wants her and that's all there is to it. He doesn't do well with boundaries or the word no. In Jesse's world, everything goes his way.

When Ava and Jesse come together the sparks fly almost immediately. Their attraction is palpable. But it's not just chemical, it's pretty clear that there are a lot of emotions for both. It's also pretty clear that their connection is anything but healthy. He's super controlling, I mean he's downright ridiculous. Everywhere she goes, he's there, invited or not. He's like the superhero you never want to see coming! Jesse takes possessiveness to a whole different level - seriously.

While I enjoyed most of the book, the nature of the relationship was difficult to bear. At the same time I couldn't put it down. I would get tired, stop reading for the night and then pick it up with the same fervor the next night... it was kinda sick!

I give this book:

Of course this is a trilogy... unhealthy relationship books tend to come in three's, why is that? I'll be posting the review for book two shortly... stay tuned!

You can purchase This Man on Amazon and wherever books are sold... even the red store (that's Target if you didn't know).

I received a free eBook copy of this book from NetGalley which helped to facilitate this review. 
However, all views expressed are my honest opinion. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Truth (Finding Anna 3) by Sherri Hayes

Truth - Finding Anna 3
by Sherri Hayes


For the last two months, Brianna has discovered something she never thought she would again. Hope. After the horror of being Ian's slave for ten months, a fate she never imagined she'd escape, it feels as if she is living a dream. She has freedom she hadn't expected to have again, and she wakes up every morning not fearing what the day will bring.

There is also Stephan. The man who saved her from the daily torture she had to endure at the hands of Ian and his friends. The same man who makes her heart race with just the thought of him. Life is good.

Outside forces are determined to conspire against them, however. When Brianna's father shows up on her doorstep, it sends her world spiraling out of control. He brings with him new information about how Brianna ended up in Ian's clutches, but will it make a difference? Will Stephan be able to find a way to make Ian pay for all he made Brianna suffer?

As Brianna and Stephan try to find out the truth, their relationship is tested. She is forced to face her past head on and deal with the ugly reality of what happened to her. Will Stephan's love be enough to see her through her newest challenge, or will the fragile trust they've built come crumbling down around them as the truth makes itself known?


Brianna and Stephan have developed a great deal of trust since they first met. Brianna who was rescued from the life of a slave by Stephan has grown significantly. Slowly but surely she is beginning to develop a mind of her own, but she is still very haunted (and damaged) by the torture she endured at Ian's hand.

Stephan has also grown a lot since meeting Brianna, for the first time he is actually experiencing what he is certain is love. While he wants to protect and take care of her, he also wants to dominate her.

The past is an issue, for both Stephan and Brianna. Their relationship cannot move forward without dealing with the circumstances that brought them together in the first place. While Stephan is set on revenge, Brianna just wants to forget what happened (but that's proving to be impossible).

In the first two book of the series Slave and Need explains how Stephan and Brianna come together, but Truth puts all the pieces in place.

I must admit I found it difficult to see the extent of the emotional and physical abuse that Brianna suffered. I can't imagine what it must be like to have your rights stripped away (in the supposed free world), yet Brianna endured.

Truth puts the spotlight on present day slavery its emotional impact. With recent headlines of women who have been held against their will, I must say that this book is right on time.

With just the right amount of intrigue, romance, a hint of erotica, and a few surprises, I give this book:

Truth can be purchased in paperback or ebook on Amazon and TWCS.

Visit The Writer's Coffee Shop for other stops Truth Tour.

I received a free ebook in exchange to facilitate this review. All thoughts expressed are my honest opinion. 


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